O2 BBQ Guttenberg, NJ

The Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ & Full Bar in New Jersey!



Entrance on JFK East or Ferry Rd (Turn from River Rd/Port Imperial Blvd or Kennedy Blvd E)

1. Approach the gate (will automatically open) and take a ticket from the machine and the bar will lift. If the ticket doesn’t print , make sure to input your phone number as a ticket number and tell your server . Make sure to bring the ticket with you to the restaurant.
2. Park at spot that DOES NOT say β€œRESERVED PARKING”
3. Take the GREEN Tower 3 elevator UP to L (Lobby). Note: Red & Blue Elevator are down under construction .
4. Exit the lobby , make a left and walk to the front of the mall.
5. Make sure to ask the server to validate your ticket for free parking, if you lost your ticket, you will be responsible to pay $50 for the parking.
6. Take the GREEN Tower 3 elevator down to your floor and make your way to the EXIT on the 11th floor.
7. Approach the gate and scan your ticket at the machine.

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