O2 BBQ Guttenberg, NJ

The Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ & Full Bar in New Jersey!

Enjoy the best AYCE Korean BBQ with Full Bar


O2 BBQ is the best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ restaurant and bar located in Galaxy Mall in Guttenburg, NJ. We are committed to providing the best Korean BBQ dining experience to all our patrons, Enjoy our wide variety of fresh meat grilled right at your table, along with traditional Korean side dishes and liquor. Just want quick afterwork drinks bites? We’ve got you covered!
Sit back at our full bar watching your favorite sports with our quick bites and special cocktails!



Entrance on Ferry Rd (Turn from River Rd/Port Imperial Blvd or Kennedy Blvd E)
(Downhill Parking Entrance from Kennedy Blvd E is limited to residents only on weekends)

1. Approach the gate (will automatically open) and take a ticket from the machine and the bar will lift. Make sure to bring the ticket with you to the restaurant.
2. Park at 8TH, 7TH, OR 6TH FLOOR spot that DOES NOT say β€œRESERVED PARKING”
3. Take the GREEN elevator UP to L (Lobby).
4. Exit the lobby and walk to the front of the mall.
5. Make sure to ask the server to validate your ticket for free parking.
6. Take the GREEN elevator down to your floor and make your way to the EXIT on the 11th floor.
7. Approach the gate and scan your ticket at the machine.

  • My go to all you can eat Korean BBQ. All staff are super nice. They are the cheapest all you can eat price at $37.95 (per person-dinner weekend rate) in the neighborhood. Food quality is good. I usually get #13 thin brisket, pork belly, the egg bowl and rice. Didn't get a chance to take a picture because I was too busy eating. Be aware Friday and Saturday nights are busy. I put my name on the list and walk across the street to drink tea waiting for the phone call, about an hour wait; worth it. This Sunday wait was only 25mins.
  • I love this spot! They prepare fantastic meals, their menu is rich, The chef in that spot is a professional, I love a lot tasting all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the service towards the clients is very good too. I go often to this restaurant and I was never unhappy. I recommend it to all.
    B. Miranda
    B. Miranda
  • My kids were pretty impressed with how fast and attentive the staff morved here. They were really friendly and recommended their choice of meat .. Which I listened to because "hey why not? They are Koreans at a Korean BBQ spot rite? The flavor of the marinated beef was really good and the sauce was to die for. So far in the bayside area, this is somewhere on the top of my go to AYCE, beating out picnic garden by a long stretch. And way cleaner also!
    Vindo C.
    Vindo C.
  • Great place to eat for a party of 12! Everyone had fun! The service was fantastic! Food was super fresh and place was clean! The quality of food here is better than other places! Tip your servers well! They work very hard! It's not easy to deal with the grill all day! Enjoy!
    Lynn M.
    Lynn M.

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