About O2 BBQ

Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

O2 BBQ is an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant serving high quality ingredients and incredible Korean dining experience. As a family-owned business, we value friendly service and a welcoming environment. The O2 BBQ team strives to share Korean culture with our customers through Korean cuisine, Korean beverages/drinking culture, and K-pop music.

O2 visioned a restaurant that further focuses on introducing Korean culture to Americans. With the “O” of “O2” representing the shape of the grill and the “2” of “O2” representing the two cultures merging together, the owners launched a business that would immerse the Korean dining experience to American culture through a grill as the central focus. Unlike other AYCE Korean BBQ restaurants, O2 uses a cast iron pot grill that is large enough for bigger groups to share and grill together. The grill is surrounded by various traditional Korean side dishes including Kimchi, rice cakes, bean paste stew, and the infamous Korean alcohol, soju. The customers will also get to enjoy TVs that display K-pop music all around the restaurant.

What is Sot-Tut-Keong?
Sot-Tut-Keong is a “lid” of Korea’s traditional cookware Ga-Ma-Sot made with cast iron. Besides the benefits of cooking with cast iron cookware as we know it, Sot-Tut-Keong’s shape and size also adds much more conversational dining experience at O2 BBQ.

Benefits of Sot-Tut-Keong
Chemical-Free: Made 100% with natural iron and oil
Non Stick: No Oils needed
Shape: Fat, grease from your meat will drain rather than soak into the meat when grilling
Health Benefits: Adds Iron to your food
Excellent Heat Conductor: Heats up slowly but stays hot longer

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